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alchemy_dc's Journal

The Alchemy Community
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Industrial, Gothic, EBM, general dark music and culture
Alchemy was--for six and a half years--DC's Thursday night dark music party, featuring Industrial, Gothic, EBM, Futurepop, Darkwave, 80's, Power Electronics, Dark Techno and all kinds of other things, and it took place at Nation Nightclub. This community was created for discussion amongst people who regularly attended. Sadly, Nation was torn down because the city desperately needed another office building or two.

Currently, this community serves a generally similar purpose, but for different events being put on by former Alchemy staff.

The first purpose of this community is to inform of upcoming events on Thursdays and for patrons and staff to discuss past and future events. Beyond that, though, the lj-community has grown to serve as a source of information and discourse amongst the real-world community in the area as well.

Initial posts other than those concerning Thursday events should be no more than four lines long, or one 80-pixel high banner image, with the rest behind an LJ-cut., if it's promo for another club/event/band/etc, or if it's someone posting something just to start a discusssion. That way, we can have many more topics posted without overloading peoples' friend lists.

Posts with comments turned off or screened are not allowed at all. Deleting other people's replies to your posts is not allowed. Any failure to follow these guidelines will result in your post being deleted from the community without warning, and repeated abuse will result in banning.

General civility is encouraged. Arguments that turn into flames that turn into abuse will at some point also be deleted, at the sole discretion of the moderators.