Tony Tribby (2501) wrote in alchemy_dc,
Tony Tribby

quick info on new venue

There will be a more lengthy announcement on Monday, but to repeat here what we said last night:

We are taking two weeks off. The first night at the new venue is August 3rd. Yes, that's still a Thursday.

The new location is Club Envy, formerly known as DC Tunnel.
They have spent the past seveal months completely re-working the inside of the venue,
if you ever went there in the past you will be rather surprised.
If you know where the Checkers is on NY Ave, you know where it is.
2135 Queens Chapel Rd, NE for your Mapquest/Nav convenience.

There will be on-street parking, a secured lot that is only $5, and valet parking available for those who want to take advantage of it. In addition to the secured lot, the entire neighborhood will be watched by uniformed monitors.

There will still be open bar. Hours will be the same, though we may try to stay open until 3am if enough people want it.
Cover will be $8, still 2-for-1 until 10.

Yes, Jay will be along. We expect many other Nation bar staff will be as well, plus one or two of our favourite bartenders from elsewhere. We'll let you know details once everyone else is confirmed.

Secuirty staff are completely up to -us- to pick for our night. This means some of the Nation staff who really like to work with our crowd will probably come along, but it also means that we'll have some other faces working that you will recognize from the past.

We'll have an expanded vendor/local artist area, and a small "local band" room where we will be able to let bands play without the "but a lot of people just want to hear the DJ and dance" conflict.

Full details on Monday. Some time this weekend when I have time I will thank everyone properly for last night...

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